About the Artist

The summers of Ron Rencher’s youth were spent on the family ranch, which provided him with the rewarding experiences of country life. These were experiences that helped to shape the character of a boy who would later turn to the brush and canvas for inner peace.

When Ron was ten years old his father died in an accident. His mother eventually remarried and the family moved from a small Utah town to Orange County, California, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Ron felt like a fish out of water in his new environment. His salvation was finding the paint box that his father had used in college over twenty years earlier. Ron recalls, “The paints, brushes, palette, and mediums were all still intact and viable. Dad took good care of his painting gear, so I was able to use what he left to get started. I was twelve at the time, and my first inspiration was from paintings he had done in college that were hanging in our home.”

Needless to say, Ron’s interest in art continued throughout his school years. He graduated from Southern Utah State College with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in 1975. It was during his college years and for eight years after that Ron took on the responsibility of maintaining the family ranch. During his post-collegiate years on the family ranch Ron made attempts at painting, but in his words, “A career in painting demands that you devote yourself at least 100% to the endeavor. You can’t be half-hearted or have the distractions of other occupations. So eventually I made my break and turned the responsibilities of the ranch over to my brother.

After leaving the ranch, Ron worked in watercolor for five years in and around Zion National Park with excursions to the Grand Canyon and the Indian Country of Northeastern Arizona. He works in oils now, but occasionally Ron still paints in watercolor, “a seductive medium with a will of its own.” However, oil painting is a constant challenge and a medium that he feels is more conducive to working en plein air. Ron is committed to working from life, either in the studio with still life setups or outside on location.

His wife, Carlene Reeves, is also an artist. There is no competition between them. On the contrary, they give one another valuable critiques to help them grow in their art. Ron and Carlene also take painting trips together. Ron says, “It’s just great to have a mate who understands you. No one understands an artist like another artist. It’s a real partnership.”

Ron teaches oil painting workshops as an adjunct to his painting career. He says that “teaching is a wonderful learning experience, since it requires that the instructor be ‘brushed up’ on his knowledge, and having to verbalize that knowledge reinforces it. It’s also amazing how much students give in return.”

Ron and Carlene moved to her home state of Texas in the Fall of 2001 where they have built their winter home and studios. They plan to build a summer home/studio back on the ranch in Utah. So life may take on an added dimension by coming full circle for Ron, bringing him back to his roots. He plans on teaching workshops at the ranch and its environs, an area rich in natural beauty and history.